Pubs of Coleshill Part 1

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Here's a potted history of the pubs of Coleshill.
Modern records only date back to 1800 and at that time there were 22 pubs listed within the town boundary.

The Crowne
The Dog
The Yeoman
Kings Head
The Wheatsheaf
3 Horse Shoes
Workhouse Inn
Lamb Inn
Bell Inn
Green Man
Angel Inn
Clock Inn
Star Inn
White Lion
3 Tuns Inn
The Beerhouse Corbett
Coach And Horses
The Beerhouse Gibbon
Red Lion
White Horse
George and Dragon

By 1900, Four had disapeared (Crowne, Dog, Yeoman & Beerhouse Corbet) and the Woodman had appeared.

and by 2000 a further 11 (Kings Head, 3 Horse Shoes, Workhouse, Lamb, Angel, Clock, Star, White Lion, 3 Tuns, Beerhouse Gibbon & White Horse) had all gone but two new ones had been added, The Norton and The Coleshill Hotel leaving a total of 9 pubs within the town. Since 2000 the Red Lion has closed and one of the old Churches on Birmingham Rd became a wine bar for a short while and of course we have the Social Club which opened in the 1960's.
NB:- Between 1900 and 2000, The Woodman (Probably c1915 to c1940) had appeared and disappeared.

Of those on the 1800 List, the location of the Crowne, Dog and Yeoman is unknown.
The Kings Head became The Queens Head in the Victorian era and was located on the Lichfield Rd almost opposite the Wheatsheaf. Demolished in 1962
The Wheatsheaf became The Harvester in the 1990,s
The 3 Horseshoes closed in 1920 and became dwellings finally demolished in 1960. Located on Lower High Street about 200 yds up the hill from the bridge.
The Workhouse was located on Blyth Rd next door to the old workhouse which became the Army & Navy stores and the flats behind it. The date of closure is unknown and demolishon took place in 1960.
The Lamb Inn was also located on Lower High Street, about 100 yds down from the juction with Blyth Rd again it was demolished in 1960.
The Bell is still the Bell.
the Green man remains.
The Angel Inn was about 100 yds up the hill from the Green Man and although little remains of the original pub, the coaching arch is still visable from the road. Closure date is unknown.
The Clock Inn was opposite the Angel roughly where the chip shop is today. Closure date is unknown but it has been suggested that it may have been as early as 1850 however records state that ale was still available there in 1902. Again, demolished in 1960.
The Star was located on the corner of High Street and Church Hill where the bank now stands. This pub closed some time between 1894 and 1904 an was demolished in 1960.
The Swan is still in situ'
The White lion was on Church Hill opposite the stocks and closed in 1908 another building that went in the demolishions of 1960.
The 3 Tuns closed its doors in the 1950's and is now the Golden Tandoori.
The Beerhouse Corbet was never officialy listed as a pub and no records exist. It was located where Certers Electrical is. Probably a house trading ale from its front parlour and incredably, pumps still exist in the cellars of Carters.
The Coach and Horses still remains.
The Beerhous Gibbon was demolished in 1902 and replaced by a pub called the Vine which was demolished in the late 40's to make way for the Coleshill Hotel.
The Red Lion became the Pepper Mill in the early 1990,s and has recently closed.
The George and Dragon Closed in the 1930's, demoleshed and rebuilt further back off the road where it remains today.
And finally.
The White Horse was opposite the George & Dragon. It remained as a pub until 1940 when it was reverted to a house. Finally demolished in 1988 to make way for Brendon Close housing developement.

Part 2, Pictures....Coming Soon..........

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RE: Pubs of Coleshill Part 1

#2 by Frothy , Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:22 am

Thanks for that chocks.....very interesting
1960 was a bad year for pubs

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RE: Pubs of Coleshill Part 1

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That was the cost of redevelopment Frothy, Mick says all the places where pubs were demolished are now housing estate - he is a Coleshill lad! Sad really, more old buildings gone - not to mention the beer!
Oh and Chocks, ignore my question on part 2, hadn't read this, I know where the pub was now!

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50 YEARS Coleshill

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